Digital marketing

Data and Analytics

Data Analytics uses a cutting edge technology to tell you where your business enterprise stands. We measure how your marketing program is performing in reality, not just as per the projections. We suggest what can be done to improve that performance, whether blogging, SMM or some other channel of marketing communication that is more beneficial for your business.

With Data Analysis you can precisely know your return on investment (ROI), market distribution, buyers preference, overall effectiveness of your brand, etc. Our Data Analysis design is specific to your product that gives you a clearer picture of where you stand now and where you wish to be in the coming 5 years.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is a complicated process that converts your visitors to potential buyers by the effective application of Google tools. It is not as simple as it sound. This requires a lot of experience, understanding and implementation of the right tools to achieve success.

Using Google Analytical Tools, we collect the data and analyse the consumer behavior. The landing page has to be designed to offer frictionless experience to the visitor. We use various tools like  R , Python etc, video tools to streamline the flow of information on your web page.

We understand the journey of the visitor to your web page and design the pages accordingly with the right placement of the call to action button.

We make use of Google analytic tools to make your business more productive based on real time performance. There are various conversion optimization methods like reduction in form field, Call to Action button, add videos, clear display of information, SEO content, etc.

We customize a strategy for your business enterprise by choosing a combination of the conversion optimization methods to improve your sales leads and increase profits from your website. We specialize in traffic optimization, traffic conversion.

Web/App Analytics

Google analytical tools are designed to measure your performance on social media and other multi channel campaigns. Our team of Analytic experts customizes strategies to offer analytical solutions for your business. We add intelligence to your marketing strategy by applying the Google analytical tools or Adobe tool.

The world today functions on the mobile. We use the mobile analytical tool to understand the response of the consumer to the business strategy that has been devised. By understanding the visitor behavior, we can devise solutions to increase the web traffic, which ultimately converts into buyers.

The use of web analytics tools lets you know all details about each click on your website like traffic, click path, content analysis and a lot more, to help you make the right marketing strategy. By measuring the effectiveness of the design, profiles built on search habits, usability support tests, etc we help you can find intelligent solutions to increase traffic to website and increase in conversion rate.

Data Mining

Market driven and data analysis techniques are developed by our team of experts at Digitally Right. Data analysis tells you the volume, variety, velocity of data for your business. The data driven marketing technique not only improves the efficiency and effectiveness the marketing strategy, but extends to a broader range of new product launch, awareness, growth, customer loyalty and communication media as well. We help you to use your data more effectively, in a systematic manner to achieve your desired business goals.

Conversion optimization, Web analytics and Data mining are the pillars that will define your business success if used efficiently and effectively. With the use of these, we will define the roadmap to your business success.