How to Optimize your Website to Generate Leads

Along with traditional methods, digital marketing has given you the unparalleled opportunity of lead generation from your website and other social media platforms.


Almost 60% of business owners in India faces the challenge of how to get the leads and for this, they build their dependency on Business Listing sites like Justdial, Indiamart and so many other.


As they are looking for a quick and easy solution to the lifelong problem they get attracted to the solution they are offering.


On their behalf, they are not wrong but at the time they are paying to build someone else business than theirs.


Let’s start with the question where do, you get your branded leads online?


The answer is very simple, it is through your website and your own social media presence.


Your website should be the hub of online lead generation for the marketing department.


Website Lead generation goes through the following process:

Once traffic drives to your website, your website should convert these visitors into Leads using lead magnets.


Ensure that you add value to visitors life by asking their information rather than a simple contact information

This exchange will surely give you the brand recall to you.


Where does the traffic usually come from?

Traffic commonly comes from these sources:


Email Marketing:

When you start promoting your company’s products/services through Emails.


You add your company ’s details to it.


The link of your website mentioned in the details of your mail.


When clicked by the receiver visits your website.


Social Media:

Users who have once engaged with any of your social media campaigns are also one way of capturing leads.


Say a potential participated in a particular event of your facebook page.


This is one kind of engagement they go through.


Facebook Remarketing and Retargeting is also one way which opens the gate to re-engage with your existing leads.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

This is the organic way to generate traffic and leads for your business.


Being on top of search engine ranking is directly proportional to more business.


Blog Posts

Traffic might also come from one of your highest ranking blogs.


When you write a blog you actually cover a huge set of keywords.


These are the few sources of generating traffic to your website.


A few questions might be popping up in your mind like,

  1. How to increase quality leads to my website?
  2. How do I increase my websites conversion rate?

Let’s just say this blog is your beginners guide to website lead generation.



Add forms to your website to collect information about your leads.


Using a tool called “Google Analytics” you can easily find out the pages frequently visited by your visitors.


This way you know which page attracts most of your leads and embed a form in the page.


Overall, it is logical to embed a form in those pages of your website where visitors visit the most.


The next thing you need to do is put up content that would increase the engagement on your website.


This makes it necessary for you to keep working on the content of your website.


A/B Testing


It is hard to say what kind of content may attract a particular visitor.


Everything starts with different sets of great ideas and content.


But the biggest question that arises here is which one to choose?


Here is where A/B testing helps you.


Organizations make multiple landing pages to understand consumer behavior.


Let’s say your company has 2 landing pages.


Landing page A gets 100 visitors out of which 10 give in their information.


Landing Page B gets 150 visitors out of which 9 give their information.


It is very clear that Landing page A’s conversion rate is better than the conversion rate of landing B.


The next thing you should do is start understanding the kind of content on the landing page that attracted the visitor.


If it were offers, color codes or any detail related to your services that impressed so many leads, you should start developing more of such content.


But make sure you don’t overdo it.


Statistics say organizations having more than 5 landing page have a better conversion rate.


Optimize your Website pages


Make sure you post only necessary content on your website.


Example, Don’t link offers of your company with the blog of your website.


This may give a very wrong impression of your company.


When a visitor visits your website you track their conversion path and optimize your website accordingly.


This way your conversion rate also increases


Few necessary things should be included in your optimization process:



  • Call to Action:



Buttons like “Submit” should be there if you have a form.


Or if you have a website which handles a lot of media files a button indicating “Download now” should be there.



  • Thank you Page



Make sure when the customer lands the thank you page, you don’t keep it plain.


Say when a person has filled a form and reaches the thank you page.


Make sure you have something which is an attracting selling point of your company.


Example: After purchasing from Myntra, the Thank You page of Myntra shows you more exciting offers related to your purchases


This way you make them more brand loyal.



  • Landing Page



Landing pages are mostly the pages where leads usually land up.


Make sure your landing page has the minimum and the most relevant content.


This way your conversion rate increases.



  • Email



After a customer subscribes to your newsletter or subscribes to your services.


Make sure you drop a THANK YOU email on their Inbox.


This is a personalized gesture, which makes your customers feel special.


Stats reveal that frequency of people opening thank you emails are more than any other email.


Offer necessary Content


Educate your visitors about your company’s products and services.


Offer them free Ebooks or free trials or add a subscribe button for keeping them updated.


Example, Zoho books gives its customers a free trial of all its features for 15 days.


After that, if the customer feels it right, he/she buys it.


Similarly Myntra/Amazon/Flipkart they keep updating their customers regarding their current offers or season sale.


This keeps the customer updated of the company.




After a person subscribes to your services,


It is said that personalization makes the customer feel welcomed.


Example, once the customer fills the details of Amazon.


The first thing he sees is Hi, The person name.


This kind of personalization has a better impact on the customer.


Even with Emails, the more personalized the Emails the better.


Offering more to them on their special days like birthdays or anniversaries.


This makes them feel special and they remember you.




Leads are difficult to generate when it comes to traditional marketing,


When marketing is done online with the right thing at the right time it gives you unexpectedly good results.


One method being optimizing it the right way with relevant content that would engage your leads with your website.


Secondly, provide an appropriate call to action wherever necessary.


Always try to think something new that would increase engagement on your website.


Try not to continue with the same strategy over and over again, your leads might interest.


Make sure that the flow of information that you provide to your customers makes them feel important.


Attracting leads the online way is easy, you just need to take the right step for the right place.

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