Mastering Lead Management with HUBSPOT

How does your company MANAGE LEADS?


If your answer is EXCEL.


Then let me tell you, you have been doing it the wrong way all the time.


Manage your leads online and that too for FREE!


HUBSPOT gives you a centralized platform to manage leads details easily.


You might be wondering why do I need HUBSPOT??


Well, we will teach you all about HUBSPOT with this blog.


What is HUBSPOT?


HUBSPOT Organizes all your contact details and interactions in one Centralized & Integrated database


Creates segmented lists.


Score leads so sales can prioritize their outreach

HUBSPOT helps you manage leads not just effectively but also efficiently!


Now you might be wondering how do I do all this with HUBSPOT?

How do I use HUBSPOT?

First of all, we need a HUBSPOT account.

After you are done making an account the first thing you need to know about is how to add contacts!


How to add contacts on HUBSPOT?

If you have just started generating leads there is a contacts column at the top left side of your dashboard.

After you have clicked the contacts tab you will see a drop-down menu.


Select contacts again in that dropdown list.


Then select create contact which is at the top right corner of the screen.

After you have clicked create contact you will see a contact form has opened.


Fill in the details of your leads/contacts in that list.


Then finally you will notice a contact is made in your contact list.


What if you have a large amount of data?


Don’t worry you can still import all your contacts in your HUBSPOT contact list.

There is an Import option just beside create contact button, click the button.


After clicking on import, the next page that you are directed to click Start an Import

Now, you have 2 options by which you can create your contact list.


If you have an excel sheet where you maintain all your contact details you can upload your contacts with the first option.


If not and you have maintained all your contacts in Gmail then you can easily import it with the second option.


Finding HUBSPOT interesting already??


There is more!!

How to manage INTERACTIONS with HUBSPOT?

Now that you have created a list in HUBSPOT let’s learn how to manage and organize interactions with your leads!


Now click on a contact you will see this kind of window as shown in the image.

After the window has happened you will see the following options: New Note, Email, Call, Log activity, Create Task and Schedule.


In the new note tab, you can leave an important note, anything that should be taken care of about that particular contact.


In the email tab, you can integrate your email to send and manage emails to your contacts.


In the log activity tab you get the following options:

  1. Log a call
  2. Log an Email
  3. Log a meeting
  4. Select an outcome

In the log a call/meeting/email you can describe in short about your interaction with the contact.

In the select an outcome you get a drop-down window which has the following options:

  1. No Answer
  2. Busy
  3. Wrong Number
  4. Left Live Message
  5. Left Voicemail
  6. Connected


This part of the page keeps a record of every interaction made by you with the lead.

Whereas this part of the page gives you an overall view of your company’s interaction and activity in a systematic way with a particular contact.


From the way the contact was added to whatever interaction, it had with your brand to date is shown in this interaction line.


It also contains every minor detail that is needed to be known.


How do you benefit from this?


If the contact in charge takes a day off or in the worse case scenario takes off from the company.


You still have all the details at a place.


It won’t be hard to take charge of someone else.


The person would be having a good understanding of the contact already without any verbal communication from the person who was in charge previously.


I am sure you might have got the wow feeling already!


But at the same time, you might be wondering!


For knowing about one lead this was amazing but what if I want an overall idea of all my contacts??

How do I maintain all my contacts?

Even in a normal sales process scenario, sales take place in the following way

In HUBSPOT there is a function which gives you an overall statistics of the following stages.


Where will you find it??


Click the gear icon present at the top right of the dashboard of HUBSPOT.


On the left side of the screen, you will find a menu of different functions.


Click on sales->deals


Go to deal pipeline and stages, there you would find a link called Sales Pipeline.


You will find a list of predefined stages that you will undergo during a sales process.


These stages show the percentage analysis of the entire sales process altogether.


You can add or delete more stages for the kind of deals you deal in if you want in this model.

What do I create a new deal?

Click on the sales tab on the top of the window, after a drop-down box opens then click on deals.

A form would appear which would ask you the details of the DEAL.


In this form, you add details like the amount of project, deadlines, company who gave you the project and the name of the person who gave you the project.


After the deal is created, you will find the deal you created in the deal table.


Click on the deal name you created.


Keep entering data of the progress and mark the stages of your progress.

What more can I do on HUBSPOT?

You can integrate your website, mobile apps, social media pages, etc with HUBSPOT in return you can manage everything from a place.

Example if you want to run a social media campaign on Facebook you can easily do that from the Marketing tab present on the top of the HUBSPOT dashboard.


From Marketing select Lead Capture then select ads.


You can manage and create all your Campaigns from here.


Same goes for creating your target audience for your ad.


The lead data gathered automatically gets saved in the HUBSPOT contact list.


You can even create a form and integrate it with your website by embedding the code in your website’s code.


Instead of selecting Ads select Forms for doing this.


The data collected by this form through the website is again saved in the HUBSPOT contact list.


Then comes Lead Flows, in this part, you get an idea about the conversion rates and leads generated in graphical form.


It also shows the graph statistics for the leads generated at different times.


Maintaining excel sheets to manage your leads and as well keeping track of them is now old school and difficult.


HUBSPOT gives everything a company would need from finding a lead to converting a Lead into a customer.


Let your company’s sales team concentrate on selling instead of managing the messy spreadsheet or trying to make sense out of clustered data.


This would only slow down the sales process of your company.


Hubspot keeps every essential data together and displays only that is necessary for the salesperson to know.

It also tracks customer interaction with your team automatically whether it is via Emails, Social Media or even a Call.


With HUBSPOT forget the hassle of dealing with data stored at 10 different places.

All of this in a single platform with everything you need to grow your company’s sale, which is why HUBSPOT is amazing and simple.

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