Retargeting and Remarketing On Facebook

Imagine a customer comes to your store and makes an inquiry about a particular product but leaves without making a purchase.

In this case, you already know that the person is a potential buyer but you couldn’t convince him to purchase.

Same won’t be the case when your business is online!.

Online Remarketing & Retargeting makes your job easy.

In an online scenario, a customer visiting your shop’s website looks for the necessary details but doesn’t make the purchase.

But, this time he can’t escape.

Online Remarketing and Retargeting is like stalking without compromising on privacy of such potential customers aiming to have better conversions


Remarketing Vs Retargeting

Few questions that might be popping in your mind would be!

How do I use this strategy??

Facebook and Google help you in using these strategies.

Now, you probably might be wondering what is Online Remarketing and Retargeting ??



Retargeting is, tracking a visitor throughout the web who has spent some time on your website but didn’t make a purchase.

When a visitor browses a few products on Amazon but doesn’t buy due to some reason, Facebook tracks the visitor through the information collected by the cookies.

Now, wherever the visitor goes he would be seeing the advertisement of the products that he browsed.

This way it continually reminds the visitor of the product and at some point in time, he buys it.



Remarketing is reaching out to the customers based on past online engagements

Example: A customer purchases a digital camera of a brand.

Now with this data, you can show more products that go with the digital camera like SD cards, Cables, Lenses, etc

So the basic difference between Remarketing and Retargeting is,

Remarketing is upselling a product, in simple words to sell new products from existing customer base.

Retargeting is customers see’s a product doesn’t buy the product for some reason, you keep showing him advertisements till he buys that particular product from the website.


Where can you Retarget/Remarket?

Retargeting/Remarketing can be done anywhere Online say Websites, Mobile Applications, E-mails, Social Platforms, etc.

The easiest way to Retarget/Remarket your desired audience is by means of Emails.

If your shop has announced some discounts or incentives to offer on some products/services it would be an easy job for you to communicate by means of an Email.

It is easy to do Remarketing with Emails, most companies don’t fully use or realize the power of Emails.

Let’s think it this way, a customer browses your website, puts the desired product in the cart but doesn’t checks it out.

Your immediate next step would be to send him an Email which prompts “Finish the order process”

Another way to do Remarketing with Emails is by offering something unique for a limited period that no other customer would get.

That immediately triggers a customer to make an immediate purchase.

Few applications help you in automation of Emails.

These applications give you a track of people who have opened Emails or closed without seeing. This way it is easy to strategist and design advertisements.

How do I select my Audience?

We usually Create a Page, Post Appropriate Contents, Create Events and make Groups on Facebook.

These things are common how is this helping me select my audience?

You can form groups of Potential Customer who have shown interest for something in common.

Still not clear?

Let’s take an example and understand this.

You created an Event on your Facebook Page titled “ Book Fair”.

Few people might like the event, comment for resolving their inquiries, Some may also show interest and some may choose to attend the event.

With these options, people are engaging with your Brand on Facebook.

Now you have groups that will be useful to you,

Group 1 is people who showed interest,

Group 2 is people who said that they are coming many a time with these activities you attract more audience outside your Facebook Page.

After grouping is done we now have different sets of groups which we can select for advertising using Facebook pixel.


Facebook Pixels

Facebook pixel is a tool in Facebook ads manager which helps in tracking conversions via Facebook ads, building target audiences for future ads, optimize ads and remarket qualified leads.

There are two kinds of audience that you can select: Customized Audience and Lookalike audience.

Continuing with the “BOOK FAIR” example here, you want to run a Facebook Ad for your Brand and it is something in parallel to the event you created.

You can choose to show the Ad to people of both the groups or any one group on Facebook Pixel.

That is just one way of doing it there are many more ways of making a group and that would always depend on your nature of Facebook Ad campaign.

You don’t need a website to retarget, a Facebook Page would be equally helpful.



With so many people using the internet and most importantly Social Media it is easy to Remarket and Retarget.

With the right approach and creativity, you can easily obtain customers on a huge scale and make a powerful presence online.

You not only get the best return on investment but also expand your customer base in a short time and little investment.

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