Facebook Scroll on Bigger Screen

On the mobile app, you get these ads with no arrow button and see a small section of next ad which entices a user to scroll for next ad and don’t forget the swipe on the screen that people love to do. On the web browser, there are two-sided arrow buttons which make it clearly visible that it is a paid ad, which was not distinctly visible before.

Why It’s Good for Marketers

Being a marketer there is contact pressure of more CTR and conversion which lead to making the different strategy for web and mobile. This would give change to increase CTR on web platforms.

As most of us busy creating, watching and sharing the Facebook profile lookback video, Facebook is busy in testing scrolling ad on Facebook wall. This is only available on the mobile app and generating huge money. Obviously, Facebook wants to replicate that success on a bigger screen. However, it might not be the same phenomenon on web browsers or could be.

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