Facebook Marketing Tips for Business- How to Do It

If you are reading this article you are sure about promoting your services or products on Facebook and do not need any explanation as to why Facebook is important for your business. But, you still need to know these Facebook facts –

  • 77% of B2C leads comes from social media
  • 80% consumers influence for buy products featured on Facebook
  • India is the 2nd fastest growing country on Facebook after Brazil ( In %) and #1 in terms of population
  • FMCG is a fastest growing industry on Facebook.

Source – http://www.socialbakers.com/blog/1295-10-social-marketing-facts-of-2012


Here are the key areas you should look at before you start Facebook advertising campaign

  1. Budget – Set the right budget depending on your business goal and number of target audience you would like to start. On average basis in India it has been seen that 1 like cost 6-8 rupee.
  1. Target Audience – This is important as if you target wrong audience your campaign can go in wrong direction. Even if you get page like the lead generation which is something you are eyeing will no where close to your target.
  1. Goals – Set realistic goals in sync with your budget.
  1. Multiple campaigns – Nothing is perfect at the start and the best way to find the right optimization is using A/B testing of your Facebook campaign. Keep an eye on Impression, CPM and clicks find what is working in social media.
  1. Tracking ROI – It’s a big debate on how to track the ROI of social media marketing campaign but, it is not the case with Facebook. With good page and post level insight tracking the traction of your campaign is super easy.
  1. Expert on-board – With ever changing marketing, customer behavior and technology it is always good to have an expert who helps you and managing the campaign.

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